takes just a breath to cause a scream

it takes me to cause a tragedy

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Three Wishes Granted -- [video]
[happy] to wish us all goodnight
[ And Luca's just chilling in his room, surrounded by papers covered in drawings, munching on a candy cane, and staring curiously down at his  network device, naturally. ]

'M not sure if the City can hold all the people, but it's nice t' meet everyone! If you have any question, you can ask!

[ ooc; NO DISCLAIMER. Seriously, anything short of randomly showing up an mutilating him is fine by me. Doubles, AU's, whatev. ALSO, action for [info]justsocruel  but I'm willing to arrange an action log if anyone else wants to. ♥ ]

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[… this dream is a very, very familiar one. Luca's room is different from Alois' in Las Vegas, but that isn't important when they're together like this. Alois is hovering over by the door, which he must have just shut even though he doesn't remember.

He has dreamt about this scenario many times over: He comes home from work one day and Luca has been waiting for him for hours. As the dreams repeat over the years, though, it gets harder to hear Luca's voice clearly. Tonight's Luca seems startlingly clear, and Alois is grateful for that much at least. He wonders if it's because Hannah Annafellows is lurking somewhere nearby back in reality.]


[Alois is much older than Luca remembers—at least by ten years, so he resembles some of the young adults from their village. He still has straw blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wan smile from having experienced a little too much personal pain.

In these dreams, the content varies from innocuous horsing around to asking Luca why why why he made that contract. How this dream turns out remains to be seen, but Alois doesn't feel like he's going to cry yet.]

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[Action] x infinity + 1

[ The sudden influx of people hadn't thrown Luca off much. Neither had meeting a second Alois and another of himself. People had done well to explain to the child that the City was magic and sometimes odd things happened and it was silly to question it because it just was.

So really, he shouldn't be surprised when he looks up from the papers scattered around him and sees Brother-who-is-not-Brother. Because first Brother was only a little bigger than Luca, then he was kind of more bigger than Luca, and now...he's way bigger than Luca. Bigger than he was ten minutes ago when he went to sleep off his headache.

He pushes the papers away from him on the floor, rising to his feet so he can toddle his way over to the blond, and crane his neck to peer up at him. ]

Brother? You got bigger again.

[ And it really is as simple as that. To Luca, anyway. ]

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